Although every organisation relies on its IT infrastructure for operational efficiency, ever-growing and increasingly complex IT environments sometimes make it challenging for inhouse teams to continue to deliver high availability and high performance applications while keeping costs low. Hitting the sweet spot where business imperatives and IT opportunities intersect requires streamlined and stable application support capabilities - and Genisys helps you achieve just that.

Our suite of application management services addresses all your application development, maintenance, migration, and rationalisation needs. We help you build, upgrade, and modify critical applications (either custom built or off-the-shelf), streamlining them for peak performance, speed, and control. Our two-pronged approach, comprising application development and ongoing maintenance support, is designed to ensure that your applications not only run smoothly, but continue to add tangible value to your business.

Our expertise spans Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Open Source, Java and legacy technologies. When you partner with us, you are assured that all stages of the engagement are governed by well defined service levels and complete transparency. Additionally, our Quality Management System follows a certified ISO 9001:2008-compliant framework for project delivery.

Application development

In order to successfully compete in the global arena, companies often need to move beyond packaged, one-size-fits-all solutions to highly targeted, scalable, and -- in many cases -- custom-built applications that make an impact where it’s most required. Building these applications requires a strong understanding of business, finely honed technical skills, and mature development practices that result in short and agile development cycles without compromising quality.

We at Genisys partner with our customers to understand needs, assess existing applications, design and implement customised solutions, and provide upgrades and post-production support, to your users and applications. Mature and well honed development practices allow us to deliver fine-tuned customisations and quick deployments, and an emphasis on reusability allows for shorter development cycles. The result - your business is able to respond and adapt quickly to constant changes in the business environment.

Application maintenance

Making the most of your IT investments involves extending the useful life of deployed solutions while ensuring that they continue to deliver business benefits and provide adequate uptime.

If you are looking to optimise and extend the lifespan of your existing application infrastructure while minimising maintenance costs, Genisys can help. We perform corrective and preventative maintenance of legacy and other systems, allowing you to deploy your internal resources more effectively. Partnering with us assures you of application stability, improved quality of service, and reduced total-cost-of-ownership. We work to guaranteed service levels and offer flexible engagement models to address all your application maintenance needs.

Application migration and rationalization

As mobile devices and the web open up multiple points of access, ensuring peak-performance functioning of enterprise applications has become a challenge. In many cases legacy systems must continue to support new end-user experiences even as newer technologies are deployed. Genisys’ extensive experience in application migration and rationalisation takes the hassle out of keeping your IT assets up-to-date.

Genisys has the expertise and skills required to analyse your existing application infrastructure, develop an effective application migration / rationalisation plan, and implement it with minimum downtime.

We have helped customers all over the world to rationalise infrastructure and applications on multiple technology platforms, enabling them to “do more” with less: less infrastructure, fewer licenses, fewer applications to manage and (as a result) less IT staff. We also offer legacy integration services to help optimise and simplify management of your IT environment, ensuring that your existing applications are able to harness the power of newer technologies and platforms to lower costs and improve business efficiencies.