Genisys’ suite of assurance services offer you a systematic way of investigating whether a software application being developed is meeting specified functional and nonfunctional requirements and will work as expected. We combine a set of robust assurance processes with the customised usage of powerful tools and extensive consulting experience to help you enhance verification efficiency and precision, shorten application-refresh cycle times and lower costs.

Our portfolio of assurance services comprises a comprehensive set of software/solution validation and verification services spanning consulting, enterprise services , test automation and functionality testing. Having worked with major corporations across a wide range of industries, we have acquired in-depth vertical expertise across a wide range of industries that allows us to map our services to your evolving needs.

Genisys is also one of the few organisations that provides complete, on-demand assurance services. We offer independent verification, validation, and testing services that integrate Quality Center and Performance Center from HP*, with on-demand, elastic resourcing capabilities. Our knowledgeable career testers deliver just the services you need from any point in our global delivery network.