Everyone, everywhere is talking about the promise of Big Data. About how it will revolutionize the way we do business. How it will transform the decision-making process. But only a handful are talking about the challenges it brings, like how to effectively open up information silos without overloading users with information. Or how to derive actionable insights from voluminous amounts of data, from different sources in different formats - in real time, while properly considering security and privacy issues. Or even just how to stay afloat and on top of the digital data deluge.

Genisys successfully tackles these and other opportunities and challenges related to Big Data or in simple English, your data challenges. Our 360o solution portfolio empowers organisations to make better business decisions by helping them successfully harness the power of big data in a way that works. We’ll show you how to handle data throughout issues - volume and velocity - most efficiently, including how to accelerate your big data ROI by allowing you to manage unpredictable workloads with agile, adaptable converged storage solutions based on storage federation, scale-out architecture, adaptive optimization, storage tiering and solid state technologies. We also help our customers make more of existing data assets including structured relational databases and less-structured and even un-structured data sources through Hadoop based solutions.

Simply put, when it comes harnessing the power of big data, Genisys will show you how to achieve success in the information economy - and walk by your side every step of the way.