• The average Fortune 100 firm now has 320 Social Media accounts (up from 178 in 2011) with thousands of commenters making hundreds of thousands of posts
  • Only 30% of brand content comes from professional tools, which means 70% comes from native social and mobile apps.
  • ‘Social’ is here to stay. Compliance & Reputation Management is not an option


"For most organizations the impact of social media is growing at an alarming rate. In-spite of its benefits, social presence online exposes your brand to competitors, and people with vested interests can easily post information with the sole intention of tarnishing your brand. Instead of cowering from Social due to compliance fears, forward thinking organizations ones are taking precautions to put governance processes in place to comply with regulations and protect their brand."


You can't do it all in-house !
Whether its listening and pro-active management of comments and conversations about your brand on known and unknown channels (not everyone who tweets about you will be using your hashtag or tagging you) or monitoring and moderation of content (audio, text, video, music) being carried on your networks for defamatory and high-risk material, there is no doubt today that doing it all in-house is not the smartest way (nor is it scalable) and that organizations need specialist support to manage social media risk.

Forrester’s recent Social Risk and Compliance Solutions report explains how close to three quarters of the US population visits Facebook at least once a month. While this represents an enormous opportunity for marketing and sales departments, it also exposes organizations to new categories of risk including reputational, regulatory and information security risk. Social media also introduces countless new touch points in which conversations about your brand, products and employees take place, and provide new ways your brand might be breached, misrepresented or damaged. The sheer scale is beginning to overwhelm limited staff enterprises assign to moderate, review and manage.

Genisys’ social media services help ensure your online community has the freedom to express their thoughts while keeping a stringent check on undesired content. Our tools and specialists can act as your eyes and ears online, identifying and moderating real-time and post-event content. Services are available 8 x 5, 8 x 7 or 24 x 7 and already stringent checks can be further customised to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and that offences are escalated for appropriate action. Our portfolio of services supporting Social Interactions, User Generated Content and Brand Reputation covers:

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