Governments and International agencies make frequent changes to financial reporting procedures and standards. Companies are required to maintain financial records that comply with the evolving regulatory norms. A global market presence adds to the complexity with the requirement to comply with local and international regulations. Tracking and managing these changes could be a nightmare for internal teams. Companies are faced with huge pressure at the end of financial period to close their account books and deliver financial results to stakeholders.

CFOs are also faced with the task of mitigating financial risk and contribute strategically to the organisational growth. This necessitates a deep insight into the company’s financials and accounting practices. Strong financial and accounting practices contribute to an accelerating revenue growth.

Genisys has a proven track record of providing end to end Finance and Accounting services at an optimal cost. Our finance experts have the capability to analyse inefficiencies and help you manage your finance function more effectively. Our understanding of global financial regulations help you make the required regulatory changes with minimum disruptions.

Our F&A services include:

Financial Reporting

Financial statements provide an accurate picture of the company’s financial and business health to all the stakeholders. Maintaining financial statements is critical to the company’s future growth prospects. Genisys’ can help you prepare and maintain all your financial statements including P&L, Cash flow statements, Balance sheet and Trial balance.

Accounts Receivables

Accounts receivable is often recorded as an asset in a company’s financial books, but if the receivables are ageing then most financial experts would start viewing this as an inefficiency to close the sale process. Managing accounts receivable is critical to maintain a healthy cash flow as this allows the business to run its day to day operations with ease and also keep it in good stead to invest in growth opportunities that exist in the market.

Genisys’ effective accounts receivable management services will help you invoice quicker and receive payments faster. Our services include invoice management, follow ups with clients, bank reconciliations and collections.

Accounts Payables

Companies have multiple vendors to provide various services as this helps the, focus on their core business. With rising number of vendors it becomes important to make payments that are relevant and legitimate. Inefficient payment practices add to overheads and affect the bottom line of the company. Genisys’ accounts payable services ensure that you prioritise relevant payments and ensure that they are made within stipulated times. Our multi level checks ensure that payments are made only to authorised vendors on production of genuine bills. Our services include managing vendor ledger accounts, purchase order processing, TDS accounting, sending payment advice slips and reconciliation of vendor statements.

Client Specific reports

We do understand that different companies have different metrics to measure performance. Our team is experienced in understanding and providing any specific customised financial reports that may be required by various departments with an organisation.