Major reforms are driving the healthcare provider industry. The Obama administration has introduced the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) bringing in millions of citizens under public healthcare. Providers face unique challenges such as rising healthcare costs and dwindling profit margins. Add the emergence of electronic medical records, rise in claims submission, increased risk factors with consumer oriented health plans, and speed of change in technology, healthcare providers need to take a strategic approach to stay relevant in a dynamic market.

Outsourcing complex services such as Revenue Cycle management, Patient Access services and helpdesk helps healthcare providers focus on their core business and deliver superior patient care. Genisys suite of BPO services for the Healthcare providers ensures the focus remains on quality patient care. Our transformational solutions help you cut costs, increase operational efficiencies and achieve greater profits.

Revenue Cycle management

From claims to billing, denial management to reporting, our end to end RCM services cover the entire value chain including Front office RCM, Middle office RCM and Back office RCM. Rising regulatory requirements and shrinking reimbursement rates are forcing healthcare providers to outsource RCM services to a reliable and experienced partner. Our scalable and flexible business models provide you the comfort of having customised solutions. Tightly integrated operations and superior delivery methods improve your billing management and enhance your end customer experience.

Genisys' global delivery capabilities include a team of RCM professionals with extensive experience in providing end to end RCM services to some of the leading players in the industry.

Patient Access Services

Research suggests that EMR could make or break patient relationships. Healthcare consumerism is on the rise. Consumers are willing to switch providers to have greater control over their medical records. Digitally connected consumers expect access to healthcare portals. Allowing patients to access their electronic medical records, schedule appointments online, make online payments and financial counseling sessions helps providers build trust.

With increased transparency and convenience, Genisys Patient Access Services helps you build a deeper relationship of trust and care with your patients.