Shrinking budgets and a challenging economic environments are forcing companies around the world to to reduce operating expenses by making the most of their existing IT investments. High user expectations vis a vis performance and mobility and increasingly stringent regulatory norms are making it more difficult to stay competitive. At the same time, device proliferation and application sprawl present new challenges, complexities and expenses.

Genisys delivers a seamless, hassle-free way to manage your IT applications and IT infrastructure for better efficiency and more sustainable growth. We’ve been supporting Fortune 500 organisations since 1995 and provide a comprehensive range of services for IT Infrastructure and Applications management, which are designed to help our customers reduce IT expenditure, risk, and total cost of ownership while boosting ROI and helping them coax maximum business value from legacy and current application and infrastructure .

Our holistic approach provides tighter control over your IT environment, combining IT Infrastructure-related services such as uptime assurance services, monitoring, remote management and break-fix / incident management with IT Applications-related services like maintenance, technical support, 24x7 help-desk and application management to deliver 360-degree support of your IT investments. A single-window interface and a service contract offering hardware, software and service support for leading vendor environments including Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Fiorano, Cisco and SAP make Genisys your ideal partner for infrastructure and applications management.

How We Add Value