The new ways of digital business is generating gigabytes of data every day. Managing the sheer volume of generated data and making sense of it is becoming increasingly complex. When used appropriately, data can provide valuable insights into a company’s business. Business leaders are empowered to make more informed and thoughtful decisions with the help of data. Business data that is insightful is instantly applicable to solve your business challenges.

Genisys' range of research and analytics services delivers actionable insights that empower you to make well-informed decisions based on customized analytical models and accurate data. Data digitization gives you 24/7 on demand access to records. We use the data to drive targeted marketing programs to increase awareness and enhance the interest for your brand on multiple offline and online platforms including new social media channels.

Our services

  • Data analysis and management : Genisys helps you collect, interpret, sort, store, and retrieve data quickly and accurately. Our extensive experience in enterprise IT support and our expertise in implementing, customizing and managing standalone data applications and environments equip us to offer services spanning the entire information lifecycle.Our robust analytical methodologies help you read data better empowering you to deliver products and services that address your target market more effectively.
  • Demand Generation : With multiple competitors vying for the same pie, it helps to have a larger demand pipeline. A sound demand generation program ensures that your sales team is interacting with a greater share of prospects thereby increasing your chances of converting them to actual business. Our closed loop tracking mechanism ensures that your leads are nurtured across the entire buying cycle leading to effective closures.
  • Social Media Marketing : As an increasing number of our customers log in to social media channels, it becomes imperative that businesses need to have a detailed social media strategy chalked out. Promotion of products and services on social media is now a given. Also a strong presence on social media ensures personalised interaction with customers that acts as a valuable feedback mechanism.

    Genisys has extensive experience in setting up social media presence and managing content on the various social platforms. We direct your audience to a specific conversation or piece of content, thereby increasing the number of content views, form fills, and downloads. We also capture all relevant visitor data, and utilise this data to understand online consumer behavior, improve promotional strategies and advise you on increasing footfalls.
  • Document Management: Legacy document management systems result in a pile of papers that are difficult to maintain. Drawing data from ancient files and analysing it becomes a tedious process. Genisys’ document management services ensure that your legacy data records are digitised and maintained in a centralised digital library. A modern document management system helps you find and interpret data quicker thereby ensuring that you make smart business decisions based on actual facts.
  • Competitive Analysis - Media: With the advent of new media streams, newer competitors have emerged in the media space. Social channels like blogs and twitter are now serving as news streams. Placing ads in such online channels are proving to be lucrative for brands looking to cut costs on advertising. Add to this an ever increasing number of players in traditional media such as print, television and radio. Foreign investments have given a boost to the media sector with an increasing number of international media companies setting up base across multiple markets.  Tracing and tracking competitor strategies becomes crucial to succeed in this cut throat industry. Genisys’ competitive analysis services can provide you deep insights into competitor strategies and activities thereby equipping you with the necessary information to counter your competitions’ tactics with proactive measures.
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