Genisys Lifecycle Management Services are designed to assist you in managing your complex IT real estate. Dedicated Account Managers and Technical Specialists will work with you to formulate your supported product list, thereafter working with vendors to produce a product roadmap that will incorporate scheduled upgrade and replacement policy. Utilising either our eGenisys Procurement Portal or the option of Managed Procurement with a dedicated Account Manager and Administrator products can be called of either from ‘bonded’ stock or direct from vendors. Genisys can manage the process of installing standard builds and Asset Tagging prior to despatch as well as arranging new hardware to be incorporated into standard support agreements. Maintaining the Asset Register enables Genisys to advise on new product purchases and replacements. For larger scale purchases Account Managers and our Logistics personnel will work with vendors to manage special bids to ensure our clients can take advantage of the best possible pricing. Our licencing Specialists are also able to advise on the most efficient way to purchase software licences from all the leading vendors. Our Disposal Services handle the efficient removal of retired devices including data.