The potential for a plethora of mobile and fixed devices to present a significant barrier to employee efficiency is not always fully appreciated. The need to provide unified access to corporate information through devices that are secure, manageable and cost effective to procure and manage is critical to ensure individual and corporate success. Genisys understands the issues and can articulate and implement a strategy that can deliver greater efficiency and improved employee productivity. The popularity of feature rich tablet and smart phones as a ‘must have’ personal and business accessory and a growth in home and mobile working has resulted in pressure to allow access for personal devices to the corporate network. Genisys understands the risks and potential benefits and can articulate a strategy that embraces both corporate and personal devices and ensures secure and compliant mobile access to corporate data. The emergence and improved functionality of tablet and smartphone technology also provides an opportunity to leverage these types of devices for a range of uses where mobile devices have previously been inappropriate or impractical.

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