Mobile technologies have irrevocably changed the way we work. Always-on & always available mobile devices today offer instant access to information whenever and wherever it is needed. With more and more employees using personally-owned laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets to access work data, organizations no longer have the luxury of controlling the the choice or use of mobile devices as they plug in to enterprise networks. The pervasiveness of these mobile devices have forced organizations to think differently about how to balance the need for device freedom with the need for security and privacy. On the plus side, the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend has enhanced the customer experience and resulted in improved operational efficiencies by way of lower costs and greater productivity.

Genisys understands the risks and potential benefits of BYOD and provides full compliance with Enterprise Architecture best practices with Mobile Device Management products such as airwatch. We offer a full-spectrum service; whether you are looking to build hybrid applications or native applications on iOS/Android/Windows mobile/BB, or simply seeking a way to seamlessly integrate mobile apps with legacy applications and services, Genisys can help.

We help our customers to create and execute Enterprise Mobile IT strategies that enable compliant mobile access to corporate data, while managing the entire mobility services lifecycle. We understand the complexities involved in enabling unified access to corporate information across the organizational network, and can show you how to offer your employees access to corporate data from devices that are secure, manageable and cost effective. When it comes to provisioning, updating, and in some cases decommissioning users, devices, and services on a continual basis, Genisys has hundreds of man-years of experience. Our 360ยบ approach - encompassing strategy development, infrastructure and device management, integration, and mobile application development - enables you to effectively negotiate the challenges of multiple mobile and fixed devices across the enterprise.