The cost of printing documents can easily become a major company expense. More efficient use of printers can not only save money but also enable a business to uphold their green credentials. Managed Print from Genisys enables you to monitor the use of printers, select the right devices based upon usage and intelligently manage maintenance and the use of consumables to ensure print reliability and reduced costs.



You can choose from a range of cash-efficient, usage-based billing models, all offering savings of up to 30% on print-related costs. As well as ensuring:

- Immediate total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits
- Simple and proven IT network integration
- Increased user satisfaction through consistent print quality
- Improved staff productivity and asset optimisation

HP Smart Printing Services, printers and multifunction devices are purchased or leased flexibility, and then on-going monochrome and colour supplies management and maintenance is provided over a contracted period. Genisys will be able to offer a programme of services, tailor-made for your company and comprised of the following components:

As a global market leader in the printer sector, HP guarantees you the use of state-of-the-art technology. Genisys will recommend the most suitable printers and multifunction devices to optimise your printer environment. Plus, any HP devices you already own (typically less than 24 months old) can be integrated into your contract.


The use of HP Supplies – ink cartridges, toner cartridges and maintenance kits – will guarantee that your fleet of printers and multifunction devices always runs smoothly. To help you monitor and manage the status of these supplies, HP offers you access to HP Service portal. This easy-to-use web tool delivers precise, up-to-date information on your service contract and supplies usage, plus access to an order menu. Also available is HP Remote Monitoring which collects critical data from your networked printers and automates necessary actions. So if your toner levels are down or a maintenance kit is required, the necessary delivery will be initiated automatically.


A range of services is available to ensure problem- free printing operations throughout the duration of your contract. On-site hardware support services offer peace of mind against potential problems, with a choice of response times to suit your business. All required spare parts are included. HP Smart Printing Services allows you to deploy a managed printing and copying environment that’s tailor-made for your business. All management and maintenance tasks are handled reliably by Genisys and HP. Reduced costs and improved efficiency which will raise the long-term productivity of your staff and your company by taking the strain off your internal IT and service departments so that they can concentrate on key tasks, minimising the number of bills and orders that need to be processed will bring financial benefi ts to your company. Also protection of
your capital assets, up to 30% cost savings versus your usual form of management (IDC, 2004) and minimised logistics and administrative processes.



A range of services is available to ensure problem-free printing operations throughout the duration of your contract. On-site hardware support services offer peace of mind against potential problems. All required spare parts are included.

The PagePack Advantage also includes:
- A fixed cost-per-page regardless of what is printed
- Predictable costs based on an agreed price
- An all-inclusive contract: consumables and service
- Consumables ordering online 24/7 and delivered at your door

In an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of ink or toner. You pay a different price for every print and the costs are unknown. Service calls are unpredictable and so are the charges. With PagePack all your variable expenses are consolidated. You pay a fixed cost-per-page that reduces overall expenditures.
PagePack service will help increase your company’s productivity as it saves on hidden costs, such as staff resources and prevents shortages of consumables, by simplifying ordering and vendor management. With PagePack there’s no need to keep an inventory of consumables on hand. Place all orders online or by telephone. Genisys’ team of technical specialists have been trained by Xerox to provide on-site with hands-on technical support by the next business day or even sooner in most regions. All spare parts, labour and travelling expenses are included.

With PagePack Remote Services Platform you get real-time visibility of your Xerox networked devices; MeterAssistant® automates the process of collecting and submitting meter reads for accurate billing, so you pay for what you actually use.


Fleet Management:
Get the most from your printing and imaging environment by using a single tool to manage your device fleet. This single solution can allow you to remotely install, configure, monitor, maintain, troubleshoot, and support your printing and imaging environment. This will all ultimately aid in increasing business productivity by helping you save time, control costs, and protect your investment.

Secure Printing:
Secure printing module will ensure print jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer, instead; jobs only print when released by the user.

Pull Printing:
Pull printing provides for a roaming print solution where users print to a single queue and jobs will be “pulled” to any printer where they authenticate. This module is also known as ‘follow me printing’.

Mobile Printing:
Printing can now become a mobile function using smartphones and mobile devices. This module will meet the needs of a workforce that is increasingly dependent on smart mobile devices

Job Accounting:
Monitor, allocate and control your printing resources by tracking detailed printer usage information by printer, user, project, department or cost centre. This will help identify savings opportunities, reduce operating costs and help gain a higher degree of control of your overall print environment.

Device Authentication & Security:
This module will only allow device access to authorized users via PIN, PIC, Mobile release and Proximity Readers. At the same time, increase security, strengthen compliance and reduce risk of your device security, for your printing and imaging devices.

Implement best-practice print policy rules:
- Remind users via pop-up to print duplex
- Route large jobs to dedicated high-volume printers
- Automatically convert printing to duplex or greyscale.
- Discourage users from printing emails / printing web pages in colour
- Stop jobs of certain names/types


- Up to 30% reduced print costs
- Provides a true measurable and controllable cost base
- Reduces your support time
- Reduces wastages
- Increases staff productivity
- Increases the effectiveness and impact of documents produced
- Speeds up internal process