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The Company is a scaling advertising agency that enables the creation, transaction and
management of display campaigns for major buyers/clients.

Genisys has been providing operational support services on various Ad operations tasks for the
digital media agencies across multiple regions, helping and acting as an extension of the on-shore business team and often helping the new clients to set up an off-shore operations & servicing team.


As the need and demand for digital advertising is continuing to raise, it’s the same with the evolving media agencies to cater their end to end services across nationwide & local group too; keeping their core competencies business and client relationship as a priority along with the day-to-day mundane tasks.

The challenge the media agency faced was to provide ground support, ad trafficking expertise, reporting and day-to-day routine tasks that involved frequent change services along with the other critical client handling, campaign management and business expansion.

Result & Impact

The process between the media agency and the Genisys began soon the requirements were finalized and discussed. Gradually, the core day-to-day ad campaign operations, creative schedule setup & performance data reporting from the on shore media agency was transitioned to Genisys. As a result of this extensive support and partnership the agency was able to:

  • Free up 45% of the agency’s onshore time on day-to-day ad campaign execution,
    modification, reporting & other ad-hoc services.
  • Efficient utilization of time towards business, account management & client servicing.
  • Better focus towards client relationship and KPI.

Genisys was able to provide day-to-day help in ad campaigns operations, reporting, understand the requirements of the agency quickly and extend the services.

The digital agency team is much more optimized towards focusing on client development, core business functions and campaign KPI.


Genisys being a reliable servicing team in the Digital Ad Operations front, Genisys was able to partner with the media agency to help on operational services and also cater their day to day needs on other ad-hoc ad operations & reporting tasks. This partnership with Genisys gave the digital agency support and services in

  • Handling all day-to-day campaign setup across various leading DSP and Programmatic
    channels for their clients; including third party campaign/tag setups.
  • Extended services on need basis during peak hours and weekend.
  • Reviewing the IO/work order and implementation services of campaign and ads on relevant platforms.
  • Supporting the agency in executing all media types ranging from Display, Video, Native, In-Content videos, campaigns focusing on
    • Impression Based/Pacing
    • VTC
    • CTR
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