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Helping one of the largest agency in the U.S., position their advertisements efficiently using Programmatic model and precise targeting for promotion of their products and services.


The client is one of the large agency in the U.S. that deals with a group of advertisers helping them to strategically plan their digital promotion of advertisers’ product and services and position the ads efficiently using Programmatic model and precise target.


One of the competitive advantages the ad agency has is that their expertise lies in setting up targeted campaigns based on location, geofencing, I.P. targeting, retargeting. With over 1000 campaigns running at any point in time on various platforms, it was a challenge to ensure that the campaigns were pacing as per expectation and making the necessary changes to optimize the campaigns.

They lacked an efficient workflow that could establish good communication between off and onshore teams. 

Our team handled the below phases of the project to help the client overcome their challenges
    • Inventory audit and planning
    • Campaign implementation
    • Day-to-day revisions and modifications (not limited to Campaign)
    • Pacing
    • End of campaign reports
    • Invoice/billing reports
  • After campaigns were launched, our team monitored them with day-to-day I.O. of revisions, month over month flights with new creative, not overspending on unnecessary sites, monitoring the site lists to lower the average cost.


  • With our team pitching in and doing the heavy lifting on the above stages of a campaign lifecycle, the client was able to free up their time and focus more on other areas of their business
  • Any potential campaigns that were likely going to under-delivery were flagged so that more attention could be given to uplift them.
  • Budgets from non-performing tactics were moved to better performing tactic of the Campaign to make sure effective use of resources was being done
  • By curating the site lists, we were able to reduce the CPM significantly.
  • As and when the campaigns concluded, reports were prepared and send with a detailed invoice summary of each line item, the creative level that needed to be invoiced.

Platforms Used (DSP)

  • AppNexus, DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • GroundTruth and TradeDesk
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