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Providing complete ground support to a growing advertising agency that helps their group of advertisers in digital media planning and management by working as an extended team.


The client is a growing advertising agency that helps their group of Advertisers in digital media planning and management of all digital display ad campaigns across several channels and publisher networks. The agency has clients all across the country that are supported by dedicated Account managers.


The ad agency saw diverse set of requirements coming their way from multiple clients in terms of campaigns, reporting systems and ad servers. With so much diversity it surely became difficult to  support multiple customers at different locations. One of the ways they could have supported their clients is by hiring and expanding their team but it would have affected their bottomline.  

Due to which their Account Managers had to spend time on working on the campaigns instead of focusing on strategic initiatives.

  • Various types of campaigns that their clients requested were set up by the Genisys team on third party campaign server.
  • All types of modifications were done by our team not limiting to just at the campaign level.
  • Our team provided full support in creative swaps, scheduling and other various day to day reporting tasks so that their team can focus on other things.
  • We generated placement reports after the creative went live, followed up on creative needs and monitored each floodlight activity of landing pages. 


  • Any inconsistent or irrelevant bits were brought in attention of the media team after media plans were reviewed.
  • Quality assuring the floodlight activities and ensuring the statistics are refreshed in Verification vendor platforms every week for all the advertisers & sites.
  • The ad agency had 40% more time on their hands after we were onboarded to focus on business initiatives. 
  • With quick turnaround time our team handled and concluded many high priority campaign setups 

Platforms Used

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • SizMek
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