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Why Outsourcing Your Digital Advertising Operations (Ad Ops) is Important Today?

Managing online ad operations is never an easy job. Especially when there is a slew of incoming trafficking requests bombarding your email inbox, data overpopulating your excel sheets, reports providing complete analyzed coverage of campaigns that are under delivery or over delivery.

Also, your traffickers never stop complaining of the long winding queues and the inventory always runs short of something no matter how many times you ask your team to double check and keep it updated. The cherry on the top is that in the midst of all these mayhem, your team also has to proactively communicate with advertisers and agencies about coming up with innovative ad products that will help you to draw attention, optimized campaigns with improved user experience, and testing to ensure effective buying strategies.

Now that you have the entire scenario drawn up in your mind, how will you manage to meet new demand, worry about campaigns that are under delivery, and struggle to maintain a reliable workflow all at the same time?

Ad Ops demands an altogether Individual Time, Investment, and Strategy
Hard work for any team or organization trying to deal with too many workloads all the same time. By Ad Ops, we mean a set of systems and processes that provide proper management support and delivery of advertisements through digital mediums. A digital medium can be a website, an email banner ad, SMS, an app.

The systems and the workflows that you define in your Ad Ops strategy will help your organization to generate revenues through the ad campaigns that you run based on these strategies. That is why it is so important to pay individual attention to the different tasks that are involved in an Ad Ops when you are running one.

Juggling with Tasks in an Ad Ops Campaign is Never Easy
If your organization is struggling, maybe it is about time you need to think about having your Ad Ops services outsourced. Here are five good reasons why outsourcing your organization’s ad operations is a better option —

  1. Eliminates the cost of hiring full-time staff Hiring full-time staff is challenging and time-consuming when factors such as onboarding, cost of recruiting, training and other responsibilities with it are taken into consideration. In that case, giving full responsibility to your organization’s ad operations to a trusted vendor makes sense.
  2. Manages the ebb and flow of your team’s workloads Outsourcing your organization’s ad operations to a trusted vendor will help to take away the additional workload off your team, thereby allowing them to take care of other matters that are far more important. This, in turn, can help them to build a better business relationship.
  3. Reliable traffickers and campaign managers Most of the vendors out there are leading experts in the market who have already worked with many other companies. They are aware of the changing digital landscape as well as the latest tools available in the market that can help to take care of an organization’s ad operations. This helps them organizations rely on traffickers and campaign managers when it comes to managing fielding inbound requests from new vendors, existing solutions, maintaining relationships to keep the latest trends abreast.
  4. Technical Expertise and Quality Assurance Many outsourcing partners can provide excellent technical resources which come with experiences across multiple servers and different environments. Apart from technically sound resources, outsourcing your business ad operations to an ad tech company will also bring you the advantage of undergoing optimized processes that can be defined, documented, and followed, thereby ensuring full quality assurance.
  5. 24 X 7 Monitoring and Coverage If your ad operations is large enough, then outsourcing partners can provide with round-the-clock monitoring and coverage. Providing 24 X 7 monitoring and coverage can turn out to be costly and beyond the scope of an organization. In that case, outsourcing to a leading organization can help your organization to overcome all these challenges.

Let’s take a look into each of the different tasks that can make your ad ops campaign challenging.

The Different Tasks Involved in an Ad Ops Campaign

    1. Campaign Management

The key to successful campaign management is careful planning and calculated actions. Consider these following points when you begin a campaign —

      • What is Your Objective?
        Are you looking for increased revenue? Do you want to promote your brand? What is it that you are looking for from the campaign? Having an established objective or goal will help you to implement the right strategy that will help you to run a successful campaign.
      • What is the Medium of Campaign?
        Are you planning a social media campaign or an email banner meant for targeting specific customers only? Different mediums of campaign demand different styles of communication. For example, if you are working on a social media campaign, then short and crisp messages are the ideal style of communication that most people prefer to see. On the other hand, the message that you use for an email campaign is expected to be target oriented and detailed.If you are not sure what form of message would go best, it is best to look around and see how your competitors are using the platform for the campaign.
      • Are You Evaluating the Outcomes?
        Evaluating the outcomes from your campaign will help you to fine tune and reconfigure the campaign for better results. Therefore make sure that the data derived from the campaign is adequately monitored and analyzed.
    1. Ad Trafficking

Ad trafficking aims at attracting traffic to a particular website, linked to an advertiser’s website. This is carried through an ad server by the ad trafficker. When creating a campaign, the ad units and tools are submitted and located at specific places that are most likely to attract customer attention. For example, setting up a unique and in an ad inventory space on a website or an app for displaying ad creative from the ad server.

Target audiences clicking on an ad tag will be automatically redirected to the website page that will provide more information about a particular product or service.

Investing in ad trafficking can benefit any company big or small. Some of the important aspects that only an ad trafficker can help you around with are as follows —

      1. Decide the type of ad format that will attract the right target customers.
      2. Setting up the right location where you want to run the ads.
      3. Choosing the best price model tailored for your purpose and benefit.
      4. Monitoring, analyzing, and focusing on how to increase the click-through-rate of your target customers.

3. Optimization

Optimization is part of the process that you cannot be ignored. Every campaign needs to be fine-tuned based on the outcomes derived after it is run. In other words, optimization is an alternative and cost-effective means of achieving the highest performance by minimizing undesirable factors and maximizing the desired elements. So there are ads that generate higher ROI (Return of Investment), then you work on displaying the better performing ads more often compared to the ads that make average ROI.

Optimization involves making changes at every step that will help you to reduce wastage, inefficient impressions, and ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right target customers. For this, you need to take into consideration some important factors based on which optimization can be done:

      • Increased Frequency of Ads with More CTR

Invest your time and effort on ads that are performing better compared to the rest. Monitor and study the performance of these ads so that you can work on it and make future tweaks for improved performance. You can also refer to the performance of these ads for improving the advertisements that are not generating satisfying results but can be tweaked for better results.

      • Focus more on Ads that Convert

Are your ads helping your target customers to convert? If yes, increasing the frequency of these ads keeping in mind the time when they are converting the best and the kind of targets who are engaging. If your answer is no, then it is time that you consult with an expert for some proper guidance.

      • Influence Targets to Accept Cookies

These are primary mechanisms through which advertisers, publishers, ad and data exchanges, and ad networks can track and store information about users.

This is highly critical for SSP to DSP cookie synching especially when you aim to redirect an already missed out opportunity or prospect and influence them so that they can help you to accomplish a successful conversion.

      • Identifying the Right Tools

Determining the right tools that can help you to scale your Digital Advertising Operations effectively is essential. However, in a market with so many tool vendors to offer, learning which tool would be cost effective for your business is vital. It would be best to consult with an expert or an Ad Ops consultant in that case as they can guide you the best when it comes to choosing the right tool that fits your budget and your target.

Take the Guesswork out when it comes to Choosing the Right Tools and the Right Experts

At Genisys Group, we can help you with both your ad placement and your campaign optimization that focuses on your core business needs. We have expertise on leading & popular platforms be it Ad Servers, Ad Network, Ad Exchange, Demand Side Platforms (DSP) Programmatic platforms and SSP (Seller Side) Examples: DoubleClick DSP, AppNexus, MediaMath, The TradeDesk.

The scope of optimization management is widespread and broadly divided. As your ad campaigns grow, complexities such as managing data, optimizing ad performances, future investments are some of the essentials aspects that will continue to enlarge.

Only an expert can offer flexible support that will take care of all the end-to-end activities involved in your Digital Advertising Operations.

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