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AMS 2.0 Our Services

Application Services

Application Services

  • Application Support
    • L1/L2/L3 Support
    • Bug Fixes
    • Customization & Enhancement
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance
  • Application Monitoring
  • Application Upgrades
  • Application Administration
  • Functional Support
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Development

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

  • Migration
  • Deployment
  • Infra Optimization and Stabilization
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Day-to-Day operations
  • Security monitoring
  • Software upgrades
  • Back-up
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Audit Log

Gen A3 TM Framework

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • Self-Healing Framework
  • Virtual agents/bots
  • KEBD Crawler – to identify similar resolved solution
  • AI reverse engineering
  • AI reengineering solutions


  • Automated scripts to resolve repetitive issues
  • Test automation
  • Workflows automation
  • Dev-ops
  • Automated performance testing


  • Genisys proprietary framework for transition
  • Gen A3 TM maturity model
  • Advance software maintainability report
  • Smart KEDB for documenting the resolution
  • Self learning portals

Genisys Value Proposition

Genisys Value Proposition
Be assured of operational efficiency by optimizing application maintenance cost and recuring operational cost YoY.

Sign up for a free assessment of your existing applications and its maintenance logs, to derive an affirmable cost optimization.
Our Shift-left approach proactively eradicates the application issues, leading to enhanced customer experience
15+ Years of Experience in AMS Services
Self Help Tool for Proactive automated ticket resolution solution without developer help
4 stage maturity model for increased customer satisfaction
  • Manual Resolution
  • Automation
  • Guided Resolution
  • Smart Resolution
Next Generation AMS Framework Gen A3 TM built using emerging technologies for faster, smarter, innovative and cost effective solutions
We use advance engeering techniques for seamless transitions
  • ETVX Framework
  • RASF© Assessment
  • RASF© Scorecard
"Risk & Reward" or "outcome" based working model derived on analysis of client's existing operations
An end to end application maintenance and support service offerings, which includes advisory, maintenance, optimization with an innovative approach.

Frequently Asked Question

We at Genisys introduced innovative next-generation application management and support solutions (L1/L2/L3) called “AMS 2.0” that transformed the concept of service management built with service intelligence.
Gen A3 TM is a proprietary AMS framework of Genisys designed on three imperatives drivers AI-Automation-Advanced (A3) that would make service delivery faster, smarter, innovative, and cost-effective. This ready to implement framework will be instrumental to optimize the quality and cost of customer application’s annual maintenance cost.
Gen A3 TM is a comprehensive set of tools leveraging Gen A3 TM framework principles, built to deliver next-Gen AMS solutions such as KIDB, Auto Scripts, Workflow, AI Reverse Engineering, Gen RSAF ™ (Genisys - Rapid Support Assessment Framework) and Gen RSAF ™ scorecard, Auto Assist, and Selfheal.
Genisys’s maturity model measures the AMS maturity of applications and services at four different levels namely Manual Resolution, Automation, Guided Assistance, and Smart Resolution (Self-Heal). Our maturity model adopts to current client maturity and increases satisfaction when moving forward on the maturity levels of the client products and services.
Based on our experience in AMS solutions and leveraging our industry-leading technology and framework, we can assure a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 30% cost reduction, right from the first year of engagement. However, the actual percentage of cost reduction will be derived during the pre-engagement assessment.
We walk the talk. Pre-Engagement assessment is a framework used to assess customer’s application and their maintenance and support activities performed. We strongly recommend our customers to give us an opportunity to perform this assessment to derive the affirmable percentage of cost optimization that we can assure during our engagement.
Yes, the pre-engagement assessment will be done absolutely free of cost to customers.
The pre-engagement assessment will take approximately 2 weeks from the date of sign off.
Self-Heal is a concept based tool developed using advanced technologies that can reduce resolution time, thus improving quality and customer experience. It is based on the ticket resolution pattern to avoid tickets. It has the inbuilt capabilities to detect failure probability and to deduct similar resolutions and fix them without developers' help.

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