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If you are building QA Practice from ground-up or looking to improve Maturity of your Testing, it might help to adopt a three-pronged approach towards it. Especially in the age of Agile, incremental changes go a long way and your Organization will be able to measure these changes as they happen and you can tailor it for Cross-functional Success. Lets talk a little bit about each of these focus areas:


Easily the most used QA terminology! It helps to look at Processes as not necessarily being an intrusive element but a means to practically apply & implement QA across a product’s lifecycle. Trying to answer some of these questions will help you devise your own Processes that best fits your team. Be Agile, Be Flexible!

“What is our Test Preparation Process like”, “Do we have a way to go about BDD/Requirements Analysis with Cross-Functional Teams”, “What are my Criterias for a Production deployment”, “How do we go about Release versioning & Roll-backs”, “What are some measurable metrics that moves Quality”, “What do we do with Leaked Defects”, “How do we go about Continuous Integration & Deployment”……

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It is quite important to have a QA Landscape that aligns with your Organization. Does your Org issue management system able to integrate with a Test & Defect management system? If you are in a IV&V model, you can be creative with your tools selection, tools that can support Manual Testing & Documentation but also integrate with your Test Automation solution. It is also critical to think of Cloud infrastructure, in terms of Cross platform & Device testing capabilities, an Application Performance Monitoring system & Performance Engineering solutions. Perform tool feasibility studies before you present solutions for approval. Also, Be Agile, Be Iterative in Implementation!


Are you thinking of implementing a Java automation framework while your engineering team is heavy on JS stack? You might want to think about the benefits of aligning technology. You will be surprised to see how many developers genuinely want to look at your test automation script and use it on their local dev environments. You might be implementing a web automation framework currently, but don’t forget to do your research on adding API & Db libraries if you want to scale your solution in the future. Your automation is only as good as it can provide feedback, integrate with DevOps sooner than later. You can have a little bit of organized fun by adding Epics & Stories to navigate along the QA Tech Roadmap. Be Creative!

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While there are a plethora of methodologies that can be implemented in software testing, for you to run tests with different parameter values with efficiency, data-driven testing (DDT) is your answer.

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