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Attracting and retaining key talent is a goal for any enterprise. A mobile-enabled, digital workplace is an essential component to appealing to the digitally-native, recently qualified labour force, but research shows mobility is important to all ages. So how can you ensure you’re building a modern and future-proof mobile enterprise? The key could be your business phone system.

Mobility isn’t just for millennials

Allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely and collaborate effortlessly across multiple platforms and devices is increasingly important for business output. What’s more, it’s valued across your entire workforce, not just younger generations. A survey by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) found that 60% of employees of all ages felt mobile technology made them more productive. Delivering a rewarding employee experience across all generations will energise and motivate the entire business.


If your business phone system is incapable of supporting a seamlessly connected workplace, however, it might be time to consider updating your communication infrastructure.

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Personal connectivity is a must-have

While staff of ages agree on the added productivity of being mobile, 40% of young workers state they wouldn’t even consider working for an organisation that didn’t offer the flexibility of a digital workplace, according to EIU. These expectations of prospective staff will only heighten as digitally-native Generation Z mature into the workplace. To meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce, your enterprise needs to address its mobile capabilities today.


A recent survey by Gartner found that less than a quarter of employees are given a work device, so the vast majority of mobiles in the workplace are personal. The flexibility of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), however, is a complex requirement on enterprise communications, so mobile business applications should be available across multiple devices.


A cloud-based system removes the restrictions of legacy telephony and can marry personal devices with business applications, for seamless connectivity from office to home.

Are you encrypted?

More personal mobile devices in the workplace, unless properly managed, can pose a security risk by tapping unregulated networks. With an increased emphasis on data protection with the upcoming GDPR, securing your business information is essential in order to avoid hefty penalties.


By deploying a cloud-based mobile network for your workforce, you can ensure data transferral is secure and authenticated, even when accessing internal networks from remote or public locations.

Removing business silos through communication

Across many enterprises, keeping the flow of critical information transparent and visible is an ongoing challenge. Departments often work in a silo culture, with projects communicated internally rather than company-wide. The nature of collaboration in the workplace is changing, however, and the effects of a more mobile enterprise can reduce insular business behaviour.

Communication technology can be used to improve productivity and visibility, providing a vehicle to better collaboration. Deploying video conference, chat, team viewing and screen sharing capabilities encourages your workforce to work together more efficiently.

If your business phone systems are lacking in any of the above functionality, you may need to consider an infrastructure update to a more digital workplace. As a trusted partner of ShoreTel, updating to a cloud-based telephone system with Genisys ensures you have the access to all industry expertise to unify your communications and reduce overheads. Read more about our unified communications with ShoreTel and find out what we can do to build your mobile enterprise for today and tomorrow’s workforce.
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