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As both consumers and workers, we’re increasingly supported by cloud networking. Online security is no exception; an expanding number of organisations are migrating from dedicated hardware solutions to cloud-based security Software as a Service (SaaS).

Adopting cloud managed security involves a cultural shift. Your point of mitigation is no longer in-house, but held with the service provider. While this requires inherent trust, there are obvious benefits to blocking attacks in the cloud and alleviating vulnerabilities before they hit your network. Legacy security solutions, meanwhile, lack scale. Traditional processes rely on heavy manual monitoring, leaving significant room for error.

If you’re not already doing so, below are five principal reasons to consider enhancing your security with cloud infrastructure:

1. Lower operational costs

While enhancing business productivity and ensuring continuity are important strategic moves, tangible cost-savings will always be a priority in the current financial climate.

With a cloud-based security solution, your physical capital expenditure is replaced with a lower, recurring payment. What’s more, the removal of human resources on monitoring and processing allows your IT staff can focus on more value-adding activities.


2. Superior intelligence

Unlike on-premises security solutions, SaaS providers with cloud infrastructure usually have a high-level view over attack trends and latest vulnerabilities.

With the cloud, a combination of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods ensure absolute network security. By defending against attacks various individual organisations over time, cloud security providers can develop significant expertise and experience.


3. Greater scale and availability

With a cloud managed security service provider that protects multiple businesses, you will benefit from the economy of scale. SaaS gives the opportunity for a larger infrastructure, and usually supports multiple layers of redundancy.

When choosing a security SaaS provider, check the levels of daily traffic delivery and its capacity to mitigate risk, to ensure you’re benefitting from the most efficient and future-proof security solution.


4. In-built compliance

There’s a growing focus on compliance and data protection protocols, not least with the upcoming GDPR and ongoing regulatory changes to industry standards.

As experts, security service providers remove the complexities of meeting compliance requirements.


5. Up-to-date protection

The volume of collected data is increasingly bloated, and securing all facets of a business infrastructure is becoming more complex on-premises. By moving the point of mitigation to the cloud, you absolve responsibility from your IT staff and eliminate the risk for human error.


With cloud-managed security applications, the definitions for protection are often dynamically updated from the cloud, so that security policies remain up to date even as content and applications change.

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Leveraging cloud managed security services like Cisco Meraki Security Appliances, you’ll ensure your business network security is future-proof and cost-efficient. What’s more, the software-defined WAN capabilities will reduce your operational costs and improve the use of your resources.

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