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Ask yourself; in the last 3 to 5 yrs, has the technology changed? The answer is a lot. The enterprises that relied on IT for value add have to change to adapt to new models. The new disruption, with the #COVID19 pandemic, have the organizations got to emerge with new service models.

The above challenges bring us to understand what would be the new normal. A recent survey by Ascent, a philanthropic initiative by Harsh Mariwala, shows that many manufacturing and trading companies have implemented #WFH initiatives. Today thousands of start-ups and Fortune 500 employers have shifted to working from home. If statistics are to be believed, some 30 million employees in the U.S are going to be working from home for the next two years.

With the money spent in “Shadow IT” across industries has been steadily increasing, organizations today need a have new service model towards application development and maintenance (ADM) to face the “New Normal.” Managed services used to be fixing tickets, preventing issues, and keep the systems running. But the new normal expects one to make changes while the applications and systems are running and able to manage disruptions and keep the systems and applications stable.

Most companies are still a mash-up of legacy, enterprise app on cloud, and myriad of tools purchased over the last few years. The Hybrid-IT (as most call it) with virtualized infrastructure has increased the complexity and has reduced the service management teams.

The New Normal would be that the enterprise has an Integrated Delivery Platform for speed, greater business integration, automation and self-healing mechanisms through remote working with security measures in place, and robust governance through AIOps.

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The key goal of Next-gen Application Management Service has to deal with the following themes – Speed of deployment, Visibility, Automation, Controlled security, Standardization, and Consumerization.


The key drivers are:

  • Speed of change and deployment (modernization on the go)
  • Efficiency – Operational excellence via measurable application-level KPIs
  • Resilience through security compliance, self-healing, continuous modernization of legacy portfolio
  • Performance improvement
  • Cost Optimization through automation and self-healing
These aspects result in effective and efficient service continuity with quick restitution of a failed application component, increased automation, and performance enhancement. At Genisys Group, we understand the challenges that enterprises are facing when it comes to next-gen ADM. We work with our customers to develop an ADM strategy that focuses our customers on helping them connect to customers faster, increase deployment speed, overcome talent deficits, and meet their financial priorities. Consult us and know more about how application services from Genisys Group help organizations manage and modernize their IT future
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