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What if we told you that a single customer had the power to change everything for your business? But what if we also said that getting to know this one customer, pulling together all the structured, unstructured, internal and external information available about him or her, is the key to unlocking this power?

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be. This is the strength of Customer360, the self-service analytics platform from Genisys. It allows you to assess every aspect of your customers’ behaviour before branching out to external sources to bring you one holistic view that will drive more profitable business decisions.

A customer-led viewpoint

By starting with a single customer, we pull together all the data points to deliver an end-to-end picture. This starts with smart data: the internal, such as customer transactional history and interaction with channels, and the external, such as social media and macroeconomic trends. Using all of these, we can create a holistic view.


Self-service analytics helps us to collate this information together in an organised flow of data contextualisation. It can consolidate, segment, analyse and personalise the information to deliver targeted insights across your audience. Let’s take a look at that in context with Genisys’ three core products.

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Travel – Traveler360

The Traveler360 model starts by assessing travel from an individual viewpoint, taking into consideration pre-trip planning and reasons to travel, as well as onboard customer engagement and ancillary services, and post-trip upselling opportunities.


There are multiple data types and sources of information: the traveller, the transport and the travel itself (e.g. past bookings, flight duration and frequency of visits). These may comprise, but are not exhaustive of:

  • Third parties
  • Airlines
  • Frequent Flyer information
  • Social media activity

Retail – Consumer360

Using a “customer-centric” approach, the Consumer360 retail model helps to improve customer service and identify the most profitable customers. We gather and consolidate data from a multitude of sources. This is first done by looking at individuals and their spending habits, before branching out into larger data sources such as product pricing and margins, and external data such as high street trends or weather data and its effect on retail.

With the above mentioned smart data, we can aim to achieve the following goals:
  • Optimise pricing
  • Cross-sell and upsell
  • Customise offerings
  • Reduce attrition
  • Innovate products
  • Manage leads
  • Expand channels
  • Increase conversion rates

How this drives retail business decisions

These goals are met by answering the questions of who a retailers’ best customers are, what products and pricing are most profitable, which channels work best, and which regions and segments perform most effectively. Once we have answered these, retailers can work on nurturing their best customers through upselling, streamlining their product ranges and catering to the best segments. Only a holistic customer view will be able to identify the most profitable strategies and ensure retailers allocate time and financial resources appropriately.

Digital marketing – Media360

The Media360 suite helps to drive digital marketing decisions by looking at campaign performance and spend, customer experience and consumer data management.

It starts with a problem: the client identifies the goal of the business and provides data. Just as predictions can be in travel, this data is used to forecast patterns and identify any anomalies.

Digital marketing agencies can then expand on this data, starting with customers and branching out to government statistics, and new, and then identifying which are most relevant. Finally, agencies can model the data by simulating a real-life scenario.

How this drives decision making

Having accounted for anomalies, agencies can use these results to identify KPIs for their customers’ businesses. Using our 360° consumer data management, they can identify behaviours to create segments that drive a robust marketing strategy. Agencies and digital marketers can also get a better understanding of campaign spend and identify underperforming areas to optimise campaigns and reduce costs.

Many marketing strategy decisions can be made using this data, for example from A/B testing different scenarios, which will help to increase profits and improve repeat business rates.

Eliminate guesswork

n a digital, data-driven world business decisions can no longer be made through gut feeling or guesswork. Data moves incredibly quickly, and you need robust, high-speed tools to access your customer information in real-time. By consolidating and analysing this disparate and complex customer data, you get a true reflection of their needs and expectations, helping to drive far more profitable business strategies. Customer360 provides the core agility for enterprise decision-making by allowing businesses to analyse real-time customer data and cross-referencing with external data sources. This benefits you and all your business stakeholders by assessing and identifying core touch points, leading to better marketing, product and customer service decisions. The self-service analytics model can entirely transform your data insights capabilities. It gives full autonomy to all your business users without the need for costly or slow IT support. Our Customer 360 platform makes it quick and easy to navigate and segment all your customer data to ensure your business makes profitable business decisions based on all the data available. To learn more about how Customer360 can benefit you, contact Genisys today.
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