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Software testing is of vital importance as it ensures customer satisfaction when it comes to an application. It also helps to safeguard against failovers in applications, which may prove detrimental to any organization in the future. As software applications size and complexity increase each day, the need for Artificial Intelligence(AI) in software testing becomes fundamental.

Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of the human process by machines. These include learning, reasoning, and self-correction in every major industry like e-commerce, healthcare, cybersecurity, and others. AI gives machines the ability to process information about its environment, perform intelligently, adapt to changes, analyze copious amounts of data, and make effective connections on its own with the help of some stipulated algorithms.

The worldwide scope of artificial intelligence is expanding with each passing minute and is expected to reach $6.36 billion in North America alone. One of the main reasons behind this fact is the investment in AI by tech titans like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Through this technology, Facebook can decide which stories are relevant to a particular user and deliver targeted ads and content to their customers by using data based on the web pages they had visited recently.

Machine Learning has come a long way with people using it to identify cancerous tumors and driving cars without a human. AI bots can effectively communicate using human inputs and be trained for more complex tasks like testing software, which usually takes ample time, human resources, and capital. This reduces a great deal of stress for a tester who has to make sure that the application is perfect to be released into the market. Therefore it is best to leave the repetitive work to the AI-powered automation and leave only 20% of testing operations to human creative and reasoning ability.

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AI bots-based testing requires very little maintenance and is capable of discovering new paths through the product. With industries waking up to AI, developers are considering it to facilitate decision making, drive automation, and improve efficiency in the area of testing. AI algorithms can help make smarter, more productive software for the end-user and help testers find the maximum number of bugs.

Pros And Cons of AI in Software Testing

AI in software testing has its share of good and bad points. The main advantage of AI application is, it helps in generating and optimizing test cases, instant feedback mechanisms, enhancing UI testing, and reducing tedious analysis tasks. Manual testers can’t give the agile developers immediate reports on how their inputs and alterations to the application impacted the existing user experience.

The disadvantage would be that Artificial intelligence will eliminate low-skilled jobs and effectively create massive high-skilled job opportunities that will span all sectors of the economies as it finds its way into software and automation testing. For instance, if AI becomes fully adapted to language translation, it will create a considerable demand for high-skilled human translators. If the costs of essential translation drop to nearly zero, this will encourage more companies that need this particular service to expand their business operations abroad.
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