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Optimize your banking processes for a streamlined financial workflow.

Ensure you have an efficient end-to-end accounting framework.

At Genisys, your money is our first priority. We provide essential auditing on your current financial processes with thorough spend analysis and payment rationalization. Our expertise will ensure you formulate an effective Accounting Policy Framework (APF), while our advanced platform consolidates and streamlines all legacy processes including reporting, closing and tracking.

Our finance and accounting services include:

  • AR, AP and GL accounting (accounts receivable, payable and general ledger)
  • Invoice and credit management
  • Product and project costing
  • Price modeling
  • Financial reporting and statement analysis
  • Retail and franchise financing
  • Reconciliation and chargeback management
  • Tax management and returns

Our accounting solutions are entirely scalable according to your business requirements, from high-level annual reports to full finance management.

Reduce workflow lag

By deploying one automated financial dashboard

Accelerate closing processes

With an advanced monitoring and tracking system

Bespoke customizable solutions

To suit your personal business requirements

Our Success Stories

Retail Banking Company

Logistics Management and Customer Support for a multinational paint company

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