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We source and qualify leads, so you can bring more value

Finding engaged leads for your business can be a time-consuming, daunting task. Qualifying them? More so. It takes supreme data insight, highly targeted marketing and thorough competitive analysis to get ahead. At Genisys, we offer end-to-end knowledge management service from pipeline building to nurturing and marketing.We offer:

  • Data management
  • Audience Generation for webinars and events
  • Demand generation
  • Sourcing qualified leads
  • Campaign management and social media marketing
  • Data analysis and needs assessment
  • Finance and accounting

With over 8 years experience and expertise in demand generation, Genisys has actively generated over 100,000 leads and contributed USD 10 million per annum to the average marketing pipeline.

More qualified leads

Selected from a vast prospect pool of data, forums and relevant communities.

Understand your decision makers

We conduct thorough company research and deep competitor analysis.

Get them on board with your brand

Ensure engagement through email, phone, social and digital channels.

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