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Flawlessly implementing the vision of a data driven enterprise

Genisys offers a full spectrum of BI services including traditional
& emerging BI, and advanced data visualization. Typical tools and technology expertise that Genisys focuses upon includes Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting tools, SAP Business Intelligence suite, Tableau, Microsoft’s Power BI, Qlikview, Data Driven Documents (D3) scripts, Cognos, Azure BI and AWS BI

Our service offerings include:

  • BI assessment and roadmap
  • BI reporting and Dashboard prototyping and development
  • Reporting re-platform/re-engineering and tool migration services
  • Advanced data visualization – Using Tableau / PowerBI / Qlikview / Opensource based tools

Our BI analysts have helped organizations to achieve their goals and vision by providing more precise and accurate insights into their businesses.

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Genisys approach to Data Expression

Our Success Stories

Customer insights for a large retailer

Analysing Dementia patient data

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