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Contact Center Service

Drive meaningful digital interactions for your customers

Optimize customer engagement and enhance efficiency while managing costs with our integrated Omni-channel contact center service experience. By building future-ready contact centers for your business, we elevate digital customer experience backed by AI-based contact center solutions.

How does it work?

Genisys helps to transform traditional contact centers by empowering enterprises with reliable and secure cloud contact center. We also leverage the ease of Omnichannel interaction encompassing cognitive solutions like voice/IVR, chat, and email. With our multi-skilled team, you can get the flexibility you need along with on-demand scalability.

Stay ahead of changing customer expectations and drive better results with our fully-integrated and optimized contact center solutions. With our customer experience analytics, you can also deliver visibility into key trends, behavior, and monitor customer journey.

Our contact center service comprise the following offerings:

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

We provide end to end after sales support service. Our offerings include Retention Support, Voice of Customer and Loyalty management services.

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Customer Acquisition

We help acquire customers through search to sales process, where in we engage with your prospective customers to connect the on-line and offline customer journey and optimize lead nurturing by entering the conversation at the relevant time with right messaging.

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Customer Onboarding

Genisys helps your new customer experience journey to be seamless, appreciated and effective through our DART (Discover, Assess, Redesign, Transform) framework. Customer Onboarding experience is to confirm to your new customers that they have made the right choice. We take on the goal of providing a world-class customer onboarding experience.

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By placing enterprise needs at the epicenter of our contact center services, we are able to deliver an impactful, delightful, efficient, and engaging experience. Know the benefits:

Customer acquisition

Accelerate customer base and drive better ROI. Engage with your customers where they are mostly likely to drop off and close the cycle. Reduce drop off rates by half.

Omnichannel customer support

End-to-end Omni-channel customer support (welcome calls, service inquiries, billing, payments, complaints management, remote support, loyalty management, etc.)

Retention support

Feedback surveys and re-engaging your customers is our forte, from cross-selling to upselling and driving re-engagement we have all our focus on winning your customers back.

Easy integration with existing systems

Our service brings together information, insights, and capabilities previously in silos in order to maximize the value of existing business systems or software.

High value servicing

Want to treat your high-value customers special? Come to us, with excellent human expertise and personalized transactions, you will see an all new level of interactions.

Integrated Omni Channel Experience


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