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Customer 360

Achieve a single unified view of the customer with Genisys

Customer 360 is the self-service analytics platform from Genisys. It allows easy access to every aspect of customer behavior before branching out to external sources to ascertain one holistic view for driving profitable and agile data-based decision making.

How does it work?

Customer 360 degree approach is a relationship cycle consisting of various touch-points where a customer meets the brand. Be it through purchases or marketing communications, customer service or even social media.

We start with a single customer and then pull together all the data points to deliver an end-to-end picture. This starts with smart data: the internal, such as customer transactional history and interaction with channels, and the external, such as social media and macroeconomic trends. Using all of these, we can create a holistic view.

Self-service analytics helps us to collate this information together in an organized flow of data contextualization. It can consolidate, segment, analyze and personalize the information to deliver targeted insights across your audience.

Our application modernization service comprises of the following offerings:


Full customer services experience development
Enterprise UX services
Customer mobile experience services
Stand-alone solution for specific touch point
UX & UI design services


With 15 years of extensive digital experience working across geographies, our services help customers streamline their day-to-day business operations. Know the benefits of our Customer 360 service.

Enhanced customer intelligence

With a 360 degree approach, you can drive an accurate and successful customer management strategy. This will offer intelligence and a broad view of customers.

Better cross-department collaboration

With a similar customer view, your sales and marketing departments will be in sync to deliver outstanding pitches and plan strategic campaigns suited to the customers.

Improve enterprise agility

By bringing all the customer information in one place and one view, you will be able to streamline data stuck in multiple silos.

24x7 support

Round-the-clock support by our team depending on project and client requirements. We identify potential failures upfront and save execution time.

Higher level of predictive analysis

With modern digital customer information in one place, you will get to drive better forecasts for your business and plan strategies in advance.

Featured Products

Give more value to your business and customer experience with these three core products of Genisys:

Travel – Traveler360
Retail – Consumer360
Digital marketing – Media360

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