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Enterprise Security Services

We help you build intelligent security systems to protect your crucial data

Human security teams for enterprises are being outpaced. We now need machines to think for themselves and react to fast-moving attacks. Genisys’ high-powered security services enable self-learning AI to take appropriate action required to immediately contain the threat and stop it from spreading, without causing unnecessary disruption to your organization.

How does it work?

Each time a security attack is launched against your business, you need a response that is smart, fast and efficient. Besides our normal approaches to enterprise security, we provide the strongest level of authentication by offering passwordless authentication.

We employ an elegantly simple concept, the personal certificate authority – enabling us to replace passwords with certificates. This extends a Chain of Trust™ to users and their devices for secure passwordless authentication, and much more. You can also manage identity and device risk in real-time from all devices to take informed decisions.

Our enterprise security service comprise of the following offerings:
Advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
Cloud Managed Cybersecurity or Cybersecurity-as-a-Service
Comprehensive Data Asset Protection
Security Operations Center (SOC) Managed Services
Cybersecurity Assessment and Compliance-as-a-Service
Threat Intelligence Solutions
Encryption Assessment and Design Services
Risk Assessments and Risk Management
Policy-Based Protection
Incident Planning & Response
Genisys Targeted Attack Discovery


By placing user needs at the epicentre of our enterprise security services, we are able to deliver an impactful, delightful, efficient, and engaging experience. Know the benefits:

Leverage our experience

We have an expertise in servicing and protecting security threats of large and small companies in many areas of industry, from online banking, entertainment and retail businesses to government and educational institutions.

High security levels

Secure a hybrid, remote work environment without creating unnecessary user friction. Restrict access to SaaS and other cloud resources to the individuals and the specific devices you authorize.

Quick and easy integration

Our solutions can be easily customized and integrated into multiple software platforms or third party applications, including websites, and your existing ERP or CRM software.

Extra focus on strategic tasks

Our self-learning AI security solution offers an autonomous decision-making which gives enterprises precious time to catch up with fast-moving incidents, and focus on higher-value, strategic work.

Timely and affordable

By offering complete visibility into the project, we’re able to execute on time. Also, the best of our security services come packed with multiple functionalities, which are both unique and affordable.

Tools We Use

Leverage our tool and technology partnerships for your business or next big project. Genisys can help you take your IT transformation to the next phase, to accelerate enterprise security services.

Bamboo HR
Zoho People
Zoho Expense

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