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Workplace Technology Lifecycle Management

Workplace Services and the Technology Lifecycle

The world of work has transformed like never before. Stay ahead by allowing Genisys to create a safe, seamless, and secure digital workplaces for your employees across the organization, and anywhere in the world. Uncover maximum productivity and reinvent working methods by infusing IT into your day-to-day business activities. Genisys helps bring people and technology together by fostering collaboration and productivity on any device, anytime and anywhere.

How does it work?

Hybrid working has now become the norm. More and more companies are offering their employees the flexibility of either working completely from wherever they want or a combination of home or office working.

Genisys can help organizations to choose the right IT equipment for their employees to be able to work more productively in a hybrid environment. We can tailor the appropriate equipment for different types of users and their particular set of applications.

Our workplace technology lifecycle management service comprise of the following offerings:
Pre-delivery configuration
Asset tagging
Warehousing space
Managing delivery
Extended warranties
Hassle-free leaver management
Reconfiguration of collected devices
Re-warehousing of devices & equipment for re-issue


By placing user needs at the epicenter of our workplace technology lifecycle management services, we are able to deliver an impactful, delightful, efficient, and engaging experience. Know the benefits:

Work securely from anywhere

By easily integrating into your existing software, our future-ready solutions go beyond the traditional support and offer secure access at any location. Best suited for work-from-home initiatives.

Discover multilingual capabilities

Get connected with your leading customers and employees round the clock, and in multiple languages. Our intelligent AI solutions are equipped with advanced multilingual capabilities for responding to a diverse workforce.

Explore omnichannel experience

Our solutions can be easily customized and integrated into multiple software platforms or third-party applications, including websites, Google Home, Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and many others.

Personalized delivery

Our cloud services can be easily managed and possess intuitive capabilities to suit every type of remote worker. By harnessing advanced data capabilities, we are able to optimize our solutions as per your employee's and business goals.

Timely and affordable

By offering complete visibility into the project, we’re able to execute on time. Also, the best of our workplace technology services come packed with multiple functionalities, which are both unique and affordable.

Tools We Use

Leverage our tool and technology partnerships for your business or next big project. Genisys can help you take your digital transformation to the next phase, to accelerate workplace technology lifecycle management services.

Microsoft 365
Cisco Meraki

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