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The client is an Indian based large public sector. This client reached out to Genisys to build their big data platform for establishing a single view of a customer based on their internal data and a host of third party data sources.


Client wanted to build a big data platform and establish customer insights for enabling informed business decision

Genisys delivered actionable customer insights from disparate data sources for a public sector by enabling a big data platform to establish a single view of a customer and real-time customer journey. The big data stack comprised of commercial Hadoop provider, Spark data processing, R data algorithms and data visualization using Tableau.

Business Benefits

  • Ensure Data Consistency
  • Ensure Data Security
  • Enabling Single View of Subject of Interest
  • Ability to include data sources such as Satellite Images, Phone calls, Twitter feeds and many other unstructured sources


Genisys enabled a public sector to implement a big data stack and derive meaningful data insights

Establish a big data platform to enable the organization towards data driven business insights.

Establish single view of customer for customer centric data insights

Large scale data platform – in Terra bytes

Big data integration including unstructured and semi-structured data sources. (XML, Image, Audio and third party data sources)

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