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Our client is a leading Service Company. A Client approached Genisys group to help them by designing a unique BPO platform that could improve the performance of their inbound support and improve their customer satisfaction levels.


How did Genisys analyze Inbound Campaign Services & Support?

Higher rate of abandoned calls per month, which led to poor customer satisfaction, was a serious cause of concern for their BPO division.

The client’s existing in-house support service team included 30 agents and 30 channels, but they were not familiar with the BPO domain, and their processes were not in accordance to BPO platforms.

The call abandonment rate for inbound calls was extremely high at 35%-40%. So, it was urgently needed to improve the turnaround time to respond to customers’ queries.

The customer satisfaction percentage was as low as 50%.

Result & Impact

As a result of this extensive planning and partnership we were able to do.

  • Consistently achieved 90%+ of Services levels and 95% answered% levels.
  • Customer Satisfaction scores at 96%.
  • Quality of services/scores >90%.
  • Reduced repeat calls which were >15% to <5%.
  • Optimize the business and increased efficiency.


Genisys have been instrumental in customer service related activities i.e. Customer service – Query and Complaint management.

Based on the analysis, Genisys group set up a special team, the members of which had expertise in the BPO domain. A special support operations center was also established which was equipped with Voice support facilities and data insights, which aided in curbing the turnaround time considerably.

The following support services were offered by Genisys group:

  • Increased the infrastructure channels to ensure reduced drop off
  • Implemented Voice Mail Services for customers waiting for more than 3 minutes in the queue
  • Reduced repeat call % by 25%
  • Performing constant improvements and process enhancement activities backed by Lean and Six Sigma methods at the support center.
  • Genisys group extended its support services to 24 hours during peak period (when there was an excess of processing requirements)
  • All the databases were periodically cleaned up to ensure better engagement
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