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The company is a large scale Insurance Company with business interests in Health Insurance, Overseas Mediclaim Policy, and Personal Accident. Genisys was part of their digital and data transformation journey to assess them as-is application portfolio and implementation of digital solutions to foster their business.


Company’s claim processing and underwriting divisions/applications were not tightly integrated resulted in manual process being utilized to complete the process.
  • Large & Complex application landscape with diversified system catering different groups/departments
  • Multiple vendors follow their own development, testing and delivery process
  • The call center division uses multiple in-house applications to retrieve claims data which resulted customer holding the cell line


  • Optimized cost structure
  • Quick TAT, Customer retention & higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved and efficient claim / underwriting divisions
  • Increased efficiency and streamlined operations
  • Infrastructure cost reduced through cloud migrations


Genisys studied the application landscape, bottlenecks and designed application optimization. Then designed & streamlined unified process across multiple vendors
  • Optimized claim processing cycle and reduce fraud claims through automation
  • Automated IVR – responses for claim processing through the Google cloud engine with support for multiple languages.
  • Improvised underwriting process through application optimization
  • Integrated multiple applications through bus implementation
  • Omni channel introduction (mobile extension)
  • Found applications that need to be retired or redesigned using the latest tech stack
  • Introduced ML/AI to parse/analyze claims bills, proposal forms automation
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Enquire
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