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A global manufacturer and distributor of kitchen appliances approached Genisys for assistance with their software applications. The global company has grown at a rapid pace, producing 7 million units annually and a global workforce consisting of over 2,000 employees. They boast clients such as Walmart, Big Lots and Belk.


Fast-growing enterprises like this global manufacturer enjoy accelerated turnover and rapid workforce growth. But swift expansion requires a shift from small-scale business to global operations, requiring significantly more streamlined processes and agile management.

The company’s expeditious year-on-year growth resulted in disparate data storage systems and inefficient business processes that generated poor internal communication and reporting inaccuracies.

The manufacturing company sought the expertise of Genisys to streamline its business processes, sales management and reporting software. The aim was to improve business communication and reduce the flow of erroneous information.


Kitchen Appliances Manufacturer


Genisys provided the manufacturing company with a flexible and scalable business management solution that met the needs of their fast-growing business.

A new system was implemented to unite production, sales and reporting functions. Genisys introduced a customised SAP solution that included cost analysis, real-time reporting, subcontractor transaction handling and bill measurement.

Since its introduction, the company has vastly improved its data quality and information flow, as well as sales prices and liability. Managing to enhance its business processes and increase employee productivity.

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