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The client is based out of the US provides innovative media monitoring solutions to PR and business communications professionals. Subscribers can search for global media coverage from TV, radio, online news sources, and social media. The intuitive platform makes it easy to set up real-time email alerts, edit and internally share coverage, analyze data, and create reports. Thousands of brands rely on Critical Mention’s lightning-speed platform to help them quickly respond to events and crises, gauge public opinion and gather market intelligence.


With a platform as huge and dynamic and weekly scrum, it is imperative to deliver top notch quality as clients are dependent on real time data from the platform.

The company is made up of two divisions: The Information Services Group, which markets, Critical Mention—a dynamic real-time business intelligence platform, and The Media Services Group, an online video ecosystem that allows media organizations and content owners to aggregate, curate, clear rights, publish, syndicate and distribute them owned video assets online.

Over 1,800 combined SaaS clients, Over 400 TV and newspaper clients

Global capture infrastructure ingest over 40 hours of linear media every minute from more than 2,000 unique broadcast sources, producing a robust database of more than 16 million searchable segments, all available in broadcast quality definition and in near real-time

Genisys is responsible for testing over 300 test cases to execute weekly, consistency across browses, mobile devices and provide a GUI, API, Cross browser and scalability testing.

Genisys supports

  • 60% of tests automated
  • Enabled API centric load tests in addition to initially contrasted UI performance tests
  • Delivered separate QA-centric and Dev-centric tests
  • Data driven automation
  • Adopted Test Driven Development (TDD) to expand API feature sets
  • Automated routine manual validation efforts into automated triggers using CI tools


We have enabled a leading Media monitoring SAAS product to  reduce their time to market by 45%  using our GenieTestTM Framework.
  • Implementation of a robust, custom-built automation test framework to support agile development models
  • Testing team enabled to produce manual and automation test scripts at the UI and API layers using Selenium / Robot framework
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Performance benchmarks and validations using industry standard tools
  • UAT on applications delivered by 3rd parties
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