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A leading paint company based in India, with a consolidated turnover of $1.8bn, approached Genisys for support with its complex IT needs. The global company operates across 19 different countries, and services consumers in over 65 countries. Today, the paint company is double the size of any other paint company in India. Driven by its strong consumer focus and innovative spirit, they manufacture a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use.


With an ever-increasing network of customers, suppliers and stakeholders, it was becoming progressively problematic for the company to handle its business operations.

As a successful enterprise, the multinational paint company was experiencing rapid worldwide expansion.

The company needed a robust and agile technology partner to consolidate and centralise its order management processes, expand its support network and address linguistic shortfalls.

Genisys was the perfect partner. With proven logistics and international supply chain expertise, and a wealth of experience in customer relationship management, Genisys was tasked with streamlining business processes, with an ultimate goal of enhancing its customer experience and increasing service levels.

Growth Statistics

  • Dealer satisfaction score is improved to 94%
  • Customer service levels now exceeds 94%


Genisys crafted a tailor-made business management service for specific business needs

It deployed a central order management solution using SAP and APL including an extensive supply chain network, end-to-end order visibility, customer service support and escalation procedures. Genisys also improved company promotion and marketing efforts, empowering sales staff to cross-sell and upsell more effectively.

The overall result streamlined global process management is enhanced user experience and improved customer satisfaction.

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