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The client is a multinational media and digital marketing communications company. Reached out to Genisys to improve their advertising revenue using advanced data analysis techniques.


Client was looking to identify the hidden behaviors of the high valued customers in order to increase the conversion rate

Using the propensity score Genisys helped client to have a focused means to predict the pattern for a valued audience

Key Highlights

  • Processing the click data into meaningful KPIs
  • Generated models to calculate propensity of clicks
  • Scoring the clicks of test data


Genisys worked with the data spread across various sources and adopted CRISP-DM framework to work out he models

Hadoop is used to distribute the big data across various systems connected.

Cloudera is used for managing the bigger data with integration of R and Hadoop

R is used to as an analytical tool to build the business model based on CRISP-DM

All the tools are open source, hence the minimal cost is required to perform these tasks

Efficiency of increased processing of big data in real time

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