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A railway asset management company, responsible for the infrastructure maintenance of 268 stations and 253 miles of track, approached Genisys for help with its legacy IT systems. With a 30 year contract and 150 years’ experience in the industry, the company remains passionate about improving the user experience for its customers.


With data spread over 100s of physical servers and over 50 data centre racks, the company was suffering high system failure rates that were damaging its end user experience.

The company urgently needed to migrate its complicated legacy IT systems, hosted on multiple locations and devices, to a future-proof, streamlined infrastructure.

Faced with tight budgets and strict deadlines, the company was looking for an agile partner who understood the critical implications of poor service for the travelling public.

The company chose Genisys to support its digital transformation, with the goal of refining its end service for customers.


Railway Asset Management Company
Head of IT


Genisys presented the asset company with an innovative cloud-based IT storage solution, to be deployed in four waves.

By vastly reducing the number of physical servers and data centre racks to just ten respectively, Genisys provided the asset company with a single, consolidated data storage infrastructure. Significantly lowering failure rates, Genisys facilitated a 20% cost reduction, and ensured the company was bettering its end user experience

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