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A retail banking company approached Genisys with the goal of maintaining high standards of corporate governance whilst remaining on the forefront of compliance best practices. Their purpose is to serve their customers well. With around 24 million customers across the globe, this banking company aims to meet their needs wherever they are.


Within their technology services, the retail banking company was lacking specialist knowledge to roll out key projects.

As a global financial services provider, this company has an exceptionally strong focus on security and corporate governance to uphold its reputation of excellence.

As such, they needed a trusted technology partner with the expertise to support and enhance over 70 applications including Complete Asset Lease Management (CALM) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) projects.

The retail banking company turned to Genisys for their specialist knowledge and trusted reputation to support a range of business lines, with a goal to ensure its services continue to meet all corporate governance operating principles.

Genisys supports

  • Over 70 applications
  • On-call 24/7 customer relation management
  • ALFA (including liaison with CHP)
  • P4RM
  • Internal database
  • System health checks


Genisys provided expert assistance to a retail banking company for over 70 applications

including 24/7 on-call support, database management and system health checks.

In additional, Genisys developed application enhancements to ensure projects such as AML were fully compliant.

The result is a reduced cost burden and a rationalisation of development resources and costs. Ultimately, projects are now delivered faster while maintaining its high standard of compliance and security.

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