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SiemensSiemens is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. In an increasingly connected world, Siemens PLM Software believes that manufacturers must take a new approach to business, with solutions that help clients to optimise their processes and make smarter decisions.


How could Siemens ensure that its knowledge management partner understood its PLM products, its processes and its clients?

Siemens required dedicated support to help maximise its
lead generation activities and boost sales. And, with highly confidential and sensitive information to process, this meant supreme data insight and a deep understanding of the business.

To meet this need, and ensure both quality and flexibility, Siemens turned to Genisys to provide an onsite service that met its stringently defined SLAs.


  • SIEMENS benefited from a healthy pipeline of 150+ leads every quarter
  • Conversions rates of over 10% generated approximately $100,000 for the business
  • Genisys team provided a flexible service with the ability to switch between lead generation, audience generation, partner management, etc.
  • Genisys supported sensitive and confidential piracy and compliance cases
  • Directly working at the client site resulted in increased monitoring and more timely updates.


Genisys deployed an experienced and qualified team that was trained in Siemens’ CRM and its entre PLM product range.

An experienced operations manager was deputed from Genisys to the Siemens’ Corporate Office to oversee the project. Through training, this manager ensured that a deep understanding of Siemens’ processes and products was held by the entire Genisys team.

Due to our experience and expertise in lead generation, we were also tasked with managing the sensitive issue of data privacy management.

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