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Helping a nearly two-decade-old company that offers reliable Media Monitoring solutions with software testing and much more.


This company deals with over 1,800 SaaS clients and Over 400 TV and newspaper clients, so it was critical for the CI/CD to reduce release time & effort. Like most other companies, they wanted to put forth an enriched product offering to end customers to increase their overall experience, and our team proposed solutions to achieve just that.

Our team implemented a robust, custom-built automation test framework to support agile development models. By employing the Genisys automation framework, we were able to produce manual and automation test scripts at the UI and API layers.

Continuous integration was in effect throughout, and performance was monitored using industry-standard tools. Lastly, UAT’s were conducted on applications by third parties to make sure the requirements of a specification or contract are met.


  • 60% of all the tests executed were automated to save time and garner better results.
  • Enhancement Sprints were held for focused work and rapid implementation
  • The workload from the on-premises environment was migrated to AWS to modernize the infrastructure and drive more drive business value
  • Our team implemented test automation in the cloud to ensure new pieces of code are deployed faster than ever, and agile ideas are facilitated.
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