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A product innovation from Genisys for a travel retail company based out of US to provide a connected travel experience, increasing customer engagement, and customer loyalty by seamlessly integrating service channels, service vendors and contextual travel content. The company provides personalized travel planning and insight into the newest travel trends and destinations.


Enhance customer engagement through seamless service integration and promote retail travel business on digital marketing channels -

The connected world driven by all-pervasive mobility, web and near-field technologies have meant that the bar for creating a great Travel experience has been raised.

Consumer needs and technology are converging to define the new future of the travel experience.


  • Provides right information which matters to the traveler
  • Context based travel tit-bits
  • Connects with the customers on the go for additional travel services
  • Promotes retail travel business through direct marketing channel – strengthening brand image


Genisys's Bagpack mobile application, a virtual, smart travel assistant, enabling traveller with personalized, hassle-free travel experience
  • Genisys built a hassle-free, personalized, seamless, social and connected travel companion mobile application
  • Genisys Bagpack travel solution offers you a seamless, hassle free, personalized service across itinerary and providers.
  • It enables the traveler to provide “Right information at the right time” such as context based travel attractions, personal preference based restaurant suggestions, or how to get around whilst in the country.
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