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Offering AdOps Management Services to a renowned digital news publisher that has large advertisers who run display ads on the client’s site.


The client was not able to make frequent forecasting of their inventory and check availability for a specific date range

On an ongoing basis, we have framed how each task can be fulfilled; tasks are as below:
  • Receive RFP
  • Check for Inventory availability
  • Sponsorship Lines and Contending line items
  • Auditing the Creative and assets provided by the client
Along with this, our team reviewed proposals, media plans, and provide feedback on the inventory. We proactively analyzed the upcoming sponsorship/premium ads. As a practice, the upcoming sponsorship ads report was always generated 3-4 days prior to launch so that any missing assets could be followed up


  • By the constant campaign monitoring provided by our team, the client was well aware of the status of their high priority campaigns and high-value IOs
  • With proper planning, all the inactive placements that were due went live as per the media plan went live without any obstacles
  • To avoid any last-minute rush for the campaign launch, we added a recurring task that helped our client to curate the list so that timely follow-ups can be made to their clients.
  • The client could foresee potential changes in upcoming sponsorship ads prior to launch and was able to deal with this internally to make decisions with their Sales team
  • By providing the client with a creative chase report, the client could avoid pausing campaign line items due to missing creative and save a lot of time

Platforms used

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Nativo
  • DoubleClick Bid
  • Manager
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