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Crowdsourcing is the new norm when it comes to the worker in businesses across the world. Uber is a perfect example of the prevailing trend of hiring contractual workers. According to an estimate, Uber has only 2000 employees as opposed to 160,000 contractual workers worldwide. The number of contractual workers at Maruti Suzuki, as per a report, increased to 42% in 2016 from the previous 32%.

Temporary staffing is seen as the solution given the fierce competition for workers and a dearth of high-paying positions. A mixed workforce helps businesses save a considerable amount of money related to staff costs.

A Deloitte study found that while 33% of those surveyed extensively used ‘alternative workforce,’ other functions that used contractual workers to a large extent include operations, marketing, research, customer service, sales, and supply chain.

Challenges of managing a mixed workforce

Engaging alternative workers and managing the mixed workforce poses unique challenges. To manage such a workforce, companies have to look beyond “managing” contractors to “optimizing” the mixed workforce. However, an enterprise-wide approach is rare even in companies that have well-developed policies.


The cultures, backgrounds, and motivation levels of the traditional and alternative workforce can differ widely. Leading, engaging, and motivating teams comprised of a diverse mix from alternative and traditional talent pools is essential to drive productivity and achieve the company’s goals.


The need of the hour is a rewiring of the way organizations operate when it comes to leveraging the mixed workforce, where they can successfully connect the right talent with the right roles irrespective of the source of the talent. An effective way to achieve this is by connecting different fragmented aspects in an organization, including HR, IT, finance, sales, and procurement.


Adding to the complexity of managing a mixed workforce is the lack of HR software tools that help manage non-traditional workers. Talent management approaches in a mixed workforce scenario have to be extended across the organizational ecosystem.

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How Workday ERP helps in talent management

Workday Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a tool that effectively integrates core business operations, including HR, finance, warehouse, customer relationship management (CRM) on a unified system. These functions, rather than functioning in silos, are connected seamlessly on a central database. With data and processes being shared across the entire organization, efficiency, collaboration and productivity of the mixed workforce are enhanced.


Workday ERP systems merge talent management, financials, recruiting, payroll, and much more within a single platform. From the HR perspective, the tool integrates applicant tracking system (ATS) and backend HR functions that help HR professionals find, hire and engage candidates from a mixed talent pool while offering social media integration and analytics.


Workday ERP’s workforce management software helps in optimizing performance management, compensation, career development, and staff planning.

A unified approach

Workday ERP systems offer enhanced control on finance and account processes, which means organizations can take a unified approach to manage cash flow from different departments.

Implementing Workday ERP also helps streamline and standardize operations functions such as manufacturing, purchasing, sales, and inventory that may be handled by both traditional and alternative workforce. The tool optimizes project monitoring and billing functions, making the process of project management easier, faster, and efficient for organizations. The total visibility promotes coherent workflows while ensuring inter-departmental processes are easily tracked.

For midsized, small, or large businesses, Workday ERP systems give an architecture that builds the right foundation and optimized processes in place. The result of this is enhanced productivity, efficiency, and profitability. In short, Workday ERP gives you the complete picture of critical processes at all times.

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