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Building and maintaining a high performing software team is an ongoing challenge. As well as having to find people with the necessary development skills, exceptional software candidates must also be able to innovate and think creatively, be productive team players, and take constructive feedback. And, with demand outstripping the market, it’s no surprise that suitable candidates are commanding above-average financial rewards.

So, while you might want to employ the best, you might not be able to meet salary expectations. But help is at hand, and the answer to this problem lies in outsourcing.

If you have a limited budget, co-development will help you to do more with less. With outsourcing costing less than maintaining an internal development team. And you get to convert a permanent fixed cost (salaries) into a variable cost (project fees or retainer fees).

But, outsourcing does more than just save on the cost of recruiting and employing staff; it can also help you to increase efficiency, and gain the competitive advantage.

Here are just some of the ways outsourcing your software development can help your business to succeed:

  • Outsourcing lets you scale up (or down) fast, depending on your development requirements.
  • With outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about letting people go once the project is over. So your carefully constructed team dynamic isn’t disrupted.
  • You don’t have to outsource all your software development requirements. Most businesses tap into outsourcing when their own teams are overloaded with projects. This prevents your internal team from becoming overworked and stressed, and stops them from looking elsewhere.
  • Your outsourcing partner should have already invested in all the necessary technology and training required. So, you can leverage this investment without incurring the cost yourself.
  • It’s not possible to rush a complicated software development job, but you can save time by having people working around the clock. Having access to software developers in different countries, and leveraging time-zone differences is a huge benefit when you need to release fast.
  • Outsourcing comes with streamlined business processes and automated compliance and QA systems; helping you to ensure your products are fit for purpose.
  • Outsourcing lets you bring in particular expertise as and when you need it with access to a global talent pool. This is an excellent way to fill any shortage of skills in your own team.
  • You can create hybrid sub-teams of both generalists and specialists at a fraction of the price and hassle of recruiting directly.
  • Many software outsourcing partners hold regular meetings to let developers share their successes, challenges and creative solutions. You can tap into this collective experience and have it applied to your software development. Ultimately leading to increased innovation.

Despite the undeniable benefits, many businesses are still reluctant to outsource their software development function; often due to concerns about confidentiality, managing staff in different time zones, work ethics, and a lack of shared cultural understanding. However, with the right software partner, you can access hand-selected, skilled, quality development support that’s perfectly suited to your project; and managed effectively.

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But as not all providers are created equal. So, when choosing your software development partner be sure to ask:

  • Whether they can supply references and portfolios of work
  • Whether they can show you specific work examples that led to wider businesses successes
  • What business processes they use (e.g. agile)
  • What security processes they use
  • What timescales and measurements they adhere to (and what happens if they don’t meet these)
  • How they manage progress reviews
  • Whether they offer SLAs
  • If they have any technology partners (and who they are)
  • What QA and testing processes they use.
You may also want to consider a collaborative approach to software development. This way, rather than you just supplying a technical brief, your co-development partner will look at your business problem/need and work with you to develop the very best solution.

With Genisys by your side, augmenting your existing development resource is simple; with developers that offer the flexibility of working on-site, off-site, or offshore, depending on your cost and project requirements. Costs are reduced, lead times diminished, and business objectives met.
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