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With the advent of the internet and digital media, the advertising industry has changed significantly with shifting revenue models. Digital Ad operations concern itself with all the necessary elements to ensure the success of online ads. Ad operations teams must input, serve, optimize, manage, and report on the traffic and the performance of online ads.

The management of a good ad operations team depends on specific elements or steps that can help simplify the entire process of ad operations. These can be divided into human elements such as hiring and motiving your team and non-human elements.


It all starts with hiring the right team and then managing this team property.


The most effective ad operations team is one that is well organized, process-driven, and has a passion for advertising. As far as the organization is concerned, there is a system that is established for a consistent process for working; as far as the process is concerned, everyone on the team needs to have attention to detail and follow the systems and procedures religiously.

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There are two types of people who fit in well in an ad operations team. Those with very little or no experience in ad operations but are highly motivated to learn and those who have extensive knowledge of ad operations and have extensive experience in the industry. The former people are willing to learn and in fact, can learn almost anything, while the latter people are the ones who know the ins and outs of ad operations. Hiring the right people for the job – a mix of novices and experts is an essential element of good ad operations management. People who do well in Math and have extensive knowledge of Excel do well in ad operations.


As in any organization, motivation is a crucial factor in good management. You don’t have to wait for an opportunity or a big event to use as a tool to motivate your employees. The following strategies can be used straight away to motivate them:


  • Introduce new tools, easier operational methods, and short training courses related to innovations and solutions.
  • Have a well-defined career path and provide them training and inputs to help them achieve their goals.
  • Hang out together after work or on weekends and get to know one another. It’s a well-known truth that people who hang out together are happy to work with each other.
  • Praise your team regularly – for small things such as doing the task of completing big projects.

An organized ad server implementation

An ad server implementation that is not just easy to use but is completely organized as well will ensure speed, flexibility, and room for growth. The implementation of an ad server is extremely important, given that you never know what product you will launch or what type of integration will be required. For organized ad server implementation and good ad operations management, the following ad server implementation measures is a must:


  • A hierarchy system
  • One variable for one value only

Ad spec and tag validation

Writing an ad spec (advertising specification) document and then maintaining is not the easiest or the most exciting job in the world, but it is definitely by far one of the most important responsibilities of an ad operations team. An ad spec document documents the finer details of an ad it’s the format – mobile, video, and display, functionalities, the vendors that you accept and those you do not accept, and the technologies that a publisher is capable of supporting to streamline communications with clients, the internal sales teams, or agencies. A well-planned and well-written ad spec document ensure your business is scalable, and decision-making within the organization remains fast and distributed even during times of high-volume work.

Genisys Group has been providing ad operations support for the past decade, to some of the largest publishers, media agencies, and platform operators.

With deep domain expertise and a shared services center, the team provides support to customers at each and every stage of the campaign management process. What makes the Genisys team the ideal ad ops partner is that they offer flexible business models, combined with a relentless focus on accuracy and SLAs. The result is added value in ad trafficking, campaign management and optimization, performance maximization, advanced analytics, and other technology solutions.
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