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Very few publishers believe display advertising alone can do anything to drive consumer attention and consumer conversion.

A close look into the granular aspects involved in every step of setting up a display ad campaign will explain why outsourcing to an Ad Ops consultant like Genisys can change your view and perspective related to revenue maximization with display advertising.

Display Advertising and its Relevance in Digital Marketing

Display ads help brands to convey commercial messages visually using engaging display formats like graphics, photos, videos, animations. Publishers can use display ads to monetize their web properties, while advertisers can influence the right market, increase brand awareness, and maximize sales profit.


To run a display ad campaign, advertisers will need to buy an inventory or space first. These ad spaces or inventories are offered by publishers, which advertisers can buy either through conventional methods or through Programmatic Real Time Bidding.


It is an effective medium for contextual targeting and placement targeting, provided that the process of execution of an ad campaign is done right.


However, since various internal departments and multiple stages and associated tasks are involved, display ads can often become a complicated and costly process. This can often become a real issue for publishers.

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Best Ad Ops Practices that Genisys Can Offer

  1. Integrated Request Management and Sorting Efficient management of client requests is the first step to building an organized Ad Ops workflow. Collection and validation of requests against a standard set of outlined guidelines — client expectations / SLAs, complexity, and estimated turnaround time — can help both the Sales team and Ad Ops team avoid requests from going unanswered.
  2. Well Defined Ad Specs Ad specs can help digital publishers assert rational business practices and policies even when ad hoc decision-making is required. As automation becomes an integral part of the workflow, ad specs ensure that priorities are in sync between the Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Development teams. From a technology point of view, an ad specs process can help to define guidelines for essential metrics such as latency and uptimes, which can tremendously influence the user experience and which the IT and the Web Development groups care about the most. Ad specs can help sales and marketing teams by clearly outlining the product attributes, the required configurations, and the format of representation. For example, by evaluating the ad size, ideal formats, and functionalities preferred by customers, the Ops team can quickly identify the acceptable attributes ideal for an ad campaign. Example: expansion limits, file size, directions for rich media units, and what type of creative.
  3. Reduced Error Rates Down to Zero, Proper ad specs will help the Ops team put to the test various configurations for validation of the test cases. Besides, Genisys can help publishers preview performance and audit results of a creative by creating a demo/test page that mimics the advertiser’s ad on the publisher’s page. It is a cost-effective practice that helps to prevent campaign losses that can often arise from untimed issues.
  4. Successful Ad Server Migration and Audits Ad servers can help publishers to measure their website traffic and provide valuable techniques such as Geo Targeting, Frequency Capping, Behavioural Targeting, Time and Day Parting. These can help publishers gain excellent ad management skills and in-depth knowledge in ad operations and trafficking so that they can offer a marketable solution to their client needs. Genisys can offer you the right cost-effective solution by —
    • Helping to choose the right tools for your business.
    • Expert consultation for ad server integration and implementation.
    • Efficient project management, ensuring that all elements associated with a task are carefully monitored and stakeholders are informed with the latest updates.
  5. Creative Services Even the best creative ideas fail to influence the right targets without proper execution. Genisys AdOps services do not involve creative development and design services, but can help maximize the efficiency of the ad campaigns by addressing some of the primary reasons why the majority of the creative contents fail to deliver the message:
    • Most of the creative specs databases are maintained by third-party ad servers and rich media vendors, making it difficult for publishers to update the creative specs on time.
    • Agencies often use tools that store outdated specs. As a result, creative contents that are developed often fail to match the publisher’s new criteria, resulting in complications and late creative delivery.
    • What most publishers lack is the right set of creative QA checklist for validating a creative ad before going live to ensure all objectives and standards are delivered.


A successful display advertising campaign starts with an effective workflow that is driven by the right processes and validations, effective channels of communication, and of course the right Ad Ops team who can guide you in making cost-effective decisions. Learn how Genisys can help reshape the economics, production, distribution, and marketing of media content for your Ad Ops team.
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