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SAP Business One ERP

Automate your business processes with a single view for SMEs.


Enabling ERP led business in the digital era.

Our Offering

Enterprise and customer-facing business made easier

Does your business suffer silo culture, redundant data or inefficient processes? At Genisys, we offer best-in-class enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management services that are always aligned to your organization’s objectives. Through the use of data insights, we ensure our customers always make well-informed decisions. This leads to streamlined processes, greater business agility in the face of growth, and overall success.Our services include:

  • Future-proof ERP and CRM solutions using SAP, Oracle, MSCRM and Salesforce
  • On cloud and off cloud solutions according to business needs
  • On demand scale — start small and scale up as required
  • Easy, managed, rapid implementation

Our customized ERP and CRM services, ideal for industries such as manufacturing, retail, banking & finance, HR and CRM, align your business decision making as a whole, improve your productivity and operational efficiency, ultimately growing your bottom line.

Save your business money

With cost-effective EPR and CRM solutions that are bespoke for your business needs.

Get access anytime

Solutions that are always available and easy to use.

Smart, ongoing support

Our hassle-free implementation and post-implementation support takes the pressure off your IT staff.

Our Success Stories

Multinational Luxury Fashion Company

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