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eGenisys - eProcurement Platform

We are your partner for implementing smart and flexible procurement solutions.

Genisys enables IT procurement to be simple, user-friendly, secure, and fast. We can help organizations to streamline their procurement processes through our eGenisys portal ( ). eGenisys offers the next-generation procurement solutions that are adaptable, user-friendly, cost-effective, and which can be deployed easily to meet your enterprise needs.

How does it work?

By providing an end-to-end procurement suite of solutions for your business, we help to improve the operational efficiencies and remove redundancies. Gain greater visibility into your procurement division to monitor spends, realize new opportunities, and boost agility.

Our team of specialists also offers a free bespoke service that gives you dedicated product pages for frequently bought items and create your own bundles of products bought together so that you don’t need to click on each item to put it into the basket.

eGenisys service comprise of the following offerings:
Company specific portals
Personalized authorization procedures
Online quotations
Customized IT bundle creation
Dedicated account manager
Multiple users & administrators
Enable control of IT expenditure


By placing user needs at the epicentre of our IT procurement services, we are able to deliver an impactful, delightful, efficient, and engaging experience. Know the benefits:

Leverage our experience

We have an expertise in servicing large and small companies in many areas of industry, from online banking, entertainment and retail businesses to government and educational institutions.

Stay in control

We can set up approval chains with spending limits. This will help you manage user rights for different users with a built internal authorization process. Stay in control of order confirmation, delivery tracking, payments and order history.

Quick and easy integration

Our solutions can be easily customized and integrated into multiple software platforms or third party applications, including websites, and your existing ERP or CRM software.

Personalized delivery

Our procurement solutions can be easily managed and possess intuitive capabilities to suit every type of enterprise. By harnessing advanced data capabilities, we are able to optimize solutions as per your business goals.

Timely and affordable

By offering complete visibility into the project, we’re able to execute on time. Also, the best of our procurement services come packed with multiple functionalities, which are both unique and affordable.

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