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Offering end to end testing to a company founded in 2002 that resolves and deterministically connects marketers with more able & intent-based consumers.


The Heterogeneous data received from the campaigns done for the end client by this company was of low quality and ambiguous due to missing values. This needed to be improved. Amongst other things, they often faced Outage/Stream issues that should be resolved.

Our team of experts delivered separate QA-centric and Dev-centric tests, and all the automation done, was data-driven. We adopted Test Driven Development (TDD) to expand API feature sets so that testing could be done at the forefront, guiding your development process. Last but not least, we ran automated routine manual validation efforts into automated triggers using CI tools


  • Out of all the tests executed, 60% were automated to garner better results & save time.
  • We ran enhancement Sprints for focused work and rapid implementation of ideas
  • Quality test management capabilities were brought into the project using Jira/Zephyr.
  • By avoiding the time spend on bug-fix, product offering was improved, and as a result, better customer satisfaction was achieved.
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